Recent Travel Part 1

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. I’ve got some cool things I want to share with you. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take to my camera with me on this trip so we’ll just have to do things old school (Imagination) like reading a book.

Anyways while I was in the heart of Louisiana (New Orleans) I got admission to watch the New Orleans Saints practice. Now I’m not that big into football but watching a national sports team practice was like watching a giraffe at the zoo. It was magical like. and just for that reasoning I think these guys will be my new favorite football team. So whooo go New Orleans Saints.

While I was in the city I got to witness some of the ancient artifacts there and let me tell you something, some of these things were so old it was almost impossible to get a look at them. But then again what i liked most about the city were the old buildings. It was actually pretty fun to visit one of the old movie theater.

I’m a lot like a city person so if I could live in New Orleans I think I probably could. Thanks again guys for taking your time in reading my blog. I’m forever grateful and I’ll see you later.